Five Ways to Use Door Magnets


Magnetic door stops hold your doors in place and keep them in position. offers powerful magnetic door holders that keep doors from slamming shut and protect walls and doors from damage. There are many different places door magnets are beneficial, and we will discuss five of those places below.

In Your Home

There are many places magnetic door stops can be used in your home. Door magnets can be used to hold doors firmly in place, eliminating the problems caused by drafts, vibrations, and other environmental factors. Door magnets mean you will no longer be disturbed by doors loudly slamming shut, and you will no longer have to worry about door handles slamming into your walls and damaging them.

In Offices makes it easy for your office to have an “open door” policy. By installing door magnets, you can keep doors open while maintaining clear pathways. This makes hauling in outside items, such as heavy shipments of printer paper, much easier. Regardless of what kind of office you work in, door magnets create an added layer of convenience for your workplace.

In Warehouses

In warehouses, it’s a common occurrence to have to transport large quantities of material from one place to another. Navigating heavy loads in tight spaces is difficult enough without having to worry about getting another employee to hold a door open for you. Door magnets keep doors open and keep pathways clear, improving workplace efficiency and safety. They also improve ventilation by keeping doors open on hot days or when handling materials that give off dust.

In Hospitals

In hospitals, accessibility is a major concern. When thinking of accessibility, we most commonly think of individuals using wheelchairs. There are many other people who may benefit from a door being held open from them, though. Patients who are using crutches or other mobility aids, elderly patients, and parents pushing strollers or carrying their children also benefit when a door is held wide open by a door magnet. For doctors and nurses, door magnets are also extremely useful when wheeling a patient on a stretcher from one location to another. In a hospital, magnetic door stops are also desirable because they minimize contact with door handles and thus help prevent the spread of germs.

In Schools and Childcare Facilities

Hospitals aren’t the only buildings that need to be accessible. Schools and childcare facilities welcome many disabled children through their doors each day, and life is made much easier for children and their caretakers when they don’t have to worry about a door suddenly closing on them. Door magnets are beneficial for all children and caretakers—having a magnet hold a door in place allows teachers and caretakers to focus on other tasks rather than finding themselves stuck holding a door open as thirty young children shuffle through it.

Where are you thinking about using door magnets? Contact today for expert advice in choosing the right door magnets for your home or workplace environment!