Five Hook Magnet Hacks

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Hook magnets are a cost-effective and versatile way to optimize your workplace or living space. They are strong enough to handle your heaviest loads without the complicated drilling and permanent damage that is associated with traditional mounting and hanging methods. offers hook magnets in both ceramic and neodymium varieties. Ceramic hooks are cheaper, while neodymium hooks deliver more strength in a smaller size. Both ceramic and neodymium magnetic hooks offer the powerful holding strength and DIY diversity that make them such a useful tool in the first place. Best of all, hook magnets are 100% reusable, allowing you to place them wherever you like and change your mind whenever you want. Here are some of our ideas for using magnetic hooks —we’d love to hear what your ideas are!

1. Keep Cords and Cables Contained

When cords and cables are allowed to lay all over the floor, not only is it a mess, but it’s also a safety hazard. By placing a hook magnet on the side of a metal desk or cabinet, you can immediately create an organization solution that allows you to hang your cables or cords on the hook, keeping them out of the way and eliminating the risk of tripping and falling. Hook magnets can hold thin nitrogen lines in your lab, thick electrical cords for equipment in your manufacturing environment, and even help you to tackle that mess of cables lurking behind your home entertainment center.

2. Easily Hang Items in the Workplace with Hook Magnets

Hook magnets are strong, durable, and can easily be moved from place to place. This makes them an excellent choice for hanging heavy items, such as industrial lighting, from overhead steel beams and ceilings in industrial, warehouse or manufacturing settings. These magnets are also an excellent way to hang safety signs in warehouses, and can be used in a similar way to hang advertisements in storefronts. At school or in the office, hook magnets are an easy way to hang items such as clipboards and desk organizers to make them easily accessible. Magnets hooks can also be used to hang important items such as emergency evacuation procedures in places where they are easily visible and can be reached at a moment’s notice.

3. Make Tools Accessible

Whether you are working on the shop floor or working on a project in your garage, it’s a must to keep your tools organized and easy to access. By simply placing a hook magnet on a metal surface near you, such as a tool chest, you’ve created a hanging solution that lasts for as long—or as short—as you need it to. Hook magnets aren’t just for work tools, either—they’re also great way to keep your grilling utensils close at hand when you’re flipping burgers on the weekend. Simply place a hook magnet on the side of your grill, hang your spatula off the side of it, then remove it when you’re finished cooking.

4. Take Advantage of Your Wall Studs with Hook Magnets

Hook magnets open up hidden hanging opportunities everywhere in your home. By using a magnetic wall stud finder—or a hook magnet itself—you can locate metal wall studs where you can then place a hook magnet. Hook magnets completely eliminate the fuss associated with adhesive hanging strips, and you never have to worry about them wearing out and falling down. Adhesive hanging strips aren’t guaranteed to stick to every surface, but long as there is a metal stud beneath your wall’s surface, your hook magnet will stay in place. Best of all, hook magnets are 100% reusable. This is an excellent way to quickly hang up small items without the frustration associated with adhesive hanging strips. You can use the wall stud method to hang items such as towels, cooking utensils and oven mitts in the kitchen, create a place to hang keys, scarves, and hats in your entryway, and even remodel your teenager’s bedroom in minutes by easily hanging up trendy décor such as LED string lights. 

5. The Outdoors and More with Hook Magnets stocks hook magnets with plating that protects them from corrosion, making them a useful tool for outdoor décor and organization. With these magnets, you can easily hang garden planters, decorative lighting, and wind chimes to transform your porch or patio into your own personal paradise. If you’re going out of town, consider packing some hook magnets in your luggage. You can place them on the side of an RV to create additional space to hang items like camping cookware and wet towels. If you’re staying in a hotel, hook magnets can create extra space to hang clothing, backpacks, and tote bags, keeping clutter off the floor and keeping your items in clear sight. In an extra-tight vacation spot, such as a cruise ship cabin, you can even place magnetic hooks on the ceiling and hang a shower curtain to serve as a simple room divider that takes just a few minutes to set up.

Magnetic hooks are one of the most versatile hanging solutions available. Whether you are using these magnets at work, at home, in your yard, or on vacation, you can depend on hooks for a sturdy, damage-free, and endlessly reusable way to hang items. offers both ceramic and neodymium hook magnets in a huge range of sizes, strengths and colors. Whatever project you’re interested in using magnetic hooks for, we’ve got you covered.

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