Switchable Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Bunting® Switchable Sheet Fanners are available in Generation I and Generation II models, both of which can be “turned off” to avoid accidents while being resupplied with sheets. Both models are patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,481,706) and outfitted with powerful Rare Earth magnets for outstanding separation performance. Both feature reliable pneumatic mechanisms to turn the magnetic field on and off.

Generation I Switchable Sheet Fanners use a pneumatic rotary actuator to control the fanning action by rotating a single-pole Rare Earth magnetic element, which is mounted near the center of the housing. Generation I Switchable Fanners are a compact 4” wide to fit tight spaces and handle lighter loads.

Generation II Switchable Sheet Fanners have a 7” wide face plate and produce a stronger fanning action suited to larger blanks and thicker gauge steel. They use a conventional pneumatic cylinder to rotate a two-pole Rare Earth magnetic element mounted at a pivot point set close to the side of the housing. With this side-pivot geometry, rotating the magnet just 90 degrees faces it toward a built-in shorting circuit to cancel the external field.