How do Magnetic Sheet Fanners Work?

An electromagnetic field automatically separates the sheets. As fast as the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly moves up and is ready to be handled. Machine operators and robotic arms can reliably and safely remove one sheet at a time, eliminating the chance of “doubles” jamming or damaging your machinery.

Inside their rugged, stainless steel housings, Bunting® Sheet Fanners use high-energy permanent magnets to separate stacks by inducing like polarities in adjacent sheets, causing magnetic repulsion between them. This repulsion fans the sheets apart. When the top sheet is removed, the next sheet rises to take its place. The distance between the top two sheets will average between 3/4” to 1 1/4”, depending on the magnetic strength of the Fanner and the size of the sheets. Fanners can be ganged to handle especially large or heavy-gauge sheets.