Bunting-Elk Grove Village (BuyMagnets.com) Exhibiting at IBEX 2021

IBEX 2021-Bunting-BuyMagnets

Bunting-Elk Grove Village (BuyMagnets.com) is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at IBEX 2021. IBEX 2021 is being held in person from September 28th-September 30th, 2021, in Tampa, FL. You will be able to visit our General Manager, Robert Bunting, at Booth #1-812. Receive an exclusive Coupon Code for Savings on your next order!

IBEX, which stands for The International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference, is the largest technical trade event in North America for marine industry professionals. It is powered by METSTRADE, which is the world’s leading platform and community for professionals in the leisure marine equipment industry. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (www.nmma.org) and RAI Amsterdam (www.rai.nl) own and produce IBEX.

IBEX offers attendees over 700 exhibits between its docks, exhibit halls, and outdoor display space at the Tampa Convention Center. In addition to exhibitions, IBEX offers unparalleled education and training from associations and industry experts, as well as a targeted audience for marine industry OEM and suppliers, service providers, and aftermarket manufacturers.

This year at IBEX, Bunting-Elk Grove Village will be exhibiting many different products from our enormous catalog of magnets, magnetic equipment, and holding assemblies. By visiting BuyMagnets.com, you can get a preview of some of our most popular products from last year, including our N52 neodymium magnets, our rust-free samarium cobalt magnets, and our latch and cabinet magnets. N52 neodymium magnets are a great choice for DIY projects around your boat, since their exceptional strength and small size make them particularly versatile and efficient. If you are looking for a powerful magnet with the best resistance to harsh marine conditions, choose our samarium cobalt magnets, which have the best resistance to corrosion and stay rust-free. For specialized solutions, we offer products such as our latch and cabinet magnets, which are powerful and easy to install.

BuyMagnets.com sells magnets that have gone through rigorous salt spray testing to assure they will provide years of corrosion-free service. Samarium cobalt is a type of magnet manufactured with no iron content, so it does not rust. It is designed to resist corrosion and is not affected by temperatures up to 500°F. Salt spray tests conducted at 5% NaCl PH6.5-7.2 at a sinking speed of 1.5 ml/h and a temperature of 95°F for 48 hours resulted in no cracks, peeling, bubbling, or rust. Our neodymium block and disc magnets have a proprietary shiny silver nickel-based plating that protects the magnet from corrosion. These magnets have been salt spray tested at 5% NaCl PH6.5-7.2 at a sinking speed of 1.2 ml/h and a temperature of 95°F for 48 hours resulted in no cracks, peeling, bubbling, or rust. So, when you need magnets that resist corrosion for boating applications, you can trust BuyMagnets.com.

There are many ways magnets can benefit your boating experience. Come see what Bunting-Elk Grove Village and BuyMagnets.com have to offer at IBEX 2021.

Join us at IBEX 2021