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Standard Low-Profile Magnetic Conveyors

Standard Low-Profile Magnetic Conveyors photo
Part # Frame Width OAL Price Quantity
SLPC 030-6-ITD 3" 6’0” $4,486.00 Add
SLPC 030-5-ITD 3" 5’0” $4,022.00 Add
SLPC 030-4-ITD 3" 4’0” $4,001.00 Add
SLPC 030-3-ITD 3" 3’0” $3,893.00 Add
SLPC 040-4-ITD 4" 4’0” $4,175.00 Add
SLPC 040-6-ITD 4" 6’0” $4,728.00 Add
SLPC 040-5-ITD 4" 5’0” $4,318.00 Add
SLPC 040-3-ITD 4" 3’0” $4,034.00 Add
SLPC 060-4-ITD 6" 4’0” $4,522.00 Add
SLPC 060-6-ITD 6" 6’0” $5,212.00 Add
SLPC 060-5-ITD 6" 5’0” $4,730.00 Add
SLPC 060-3-ITD 6" 3’0” $4,315.00 Add
SLPC 080-4-ITD 8" 4’0” $4,870.00 Add
SLPC 080-6-ITD 8" 6’0” $5,696.00 Add
SLPC 080-3-ITD 8" 3’0” $4,595.00 Add
SLPC 080-5-ITD 8" 5’0” $5,143.00 Add
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Please allow for 6-Week Lead Time

Bunting’s standard-duty low-profile conveyors are designed for customers in the metal stamping industries. Standard-duty low-profile conveyors are built to withstand automated operations, punch presses, and other under-press jobs. Our conveyors are designed to facilitate easy maintenance, which means your downtime will be reduced and your overall productivity in your facility will increase. These compact units are extremely popular in the industry, and they can significantly increase material handling efficiency at your facility.
Standard-duty low-profile conveyors are available with many different belt width sizes in order to increase efficiency at your facility. The motors on these low-profile conveyors can be individually mounted or they can be gang driven. These conveyors require only 1-13/16” of clearance to the top of the belt, making them ideal for applications where space is a concern. They are designed with durability as a top priority, and stand up to the stress that punch press and automated applications can exert on conveyors over time.
Bunting’s standard-duty low-profile conveyors have rugged construction that allows them to endure the abuse of throwing in and out of dies on bolster plates. They utilize powerful magnetic holding power to hold and stabilize parts and scrap as they drop out of an overhead die. These conveyors excel at moving and transferring parts wherever low clearance is a factor. Replacement and maintenance parts are easy to access, making maintenance quick, simple, and worry-free.
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