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Neodymium Pot Magnets, BNA Series, Countersunk

Neodymium Pot Magnets, BNA Series, Countersunk photoNeodymium Pot Magnets, BNA Series, Countersunk specs
Part # OD ID T Screw Size Holding Force (lbs) Specs Price Quantity
BNA-16 .630 .137 .250 #4 11.0 Download $1.08 Add
BNA-20 .787 .177 .283 #6 13.0 Download $1.56 Add
BNA-25 .984 .216 .303 #8 30.7 Download $2.10 Add
BNA-32 1.260 .216 .307 #8 55.0 Download $3.98 Add
BNA-36 1.417 .256 .300 #10 63.8 Download $4.85 Add
BNA-42 1.654 .256 .346 #10 81.3 Download $5.93 Add
BNA-48 1.890 .335 .425 #11 149.7 Download $9.57 Add
BNA-60 2.362 .335 .590 #12 246.6 Download $14.38 Add
BNA-75 2.953 .413 .700 #14 356.7 Download $50.35 Add
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Neodymium Countersunk Rings and Countersunk Ring Magnets are made in a variety of sizes and grades to meet all types of applications. To accomplish a flush and smooth finish, use Neodymium Ring Magnets made with a single (or double) countersunk hole. Please note these countersunk ring magnets have the magnetic pole on the countersunk face stated. With today’s technology, there are so many ways to hold items together, but some methods are better than others. For example, the proper setting of magnets onto wood surfaces by screwing the magnets onto the frames is a proven method of success. A Neodymium Countersunk Ring offers a quick and simple installation resulting in optimum holding results. Applications for Countersunk Rings include closures, hanging items, and clamping situations. Neodymium Magnets are a composition of Neodymium, Iron and Boron blended, shaped and heat treated to result in a super-strong magnet. If left exposed to the elements, the iron in the magnet will rust. To protect the magnet from corrosion and to strengthen the brittle magnet material, it can be coated with corrosion-resistant nickel plating from .0004 inch to .0008 inch thick. We stock Neodymium Countersunk N42 Rings in a variety of sizes in for immediate shipment.

  • All Measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted)
  • Direction of Magnetization (DOM) is through the thickness unless noted
  • Unless otherwise specified, magnets will be furnished in magnetized condition
  • Holding forces are approximate. These are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. Size, shape, and material of the test piece may affect actual pull forces