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Ceramic Holdfast Magnets

The Magnetic Holdfast Magnet provides a high clamping force and powerful grip to a designated area only - there is no attraction from a long distance. Popular in welding and assembly jigs, you can use a Holdfast Magnet to lift, hold or locate ferrous material. Each Bunting Magnetics Holdfast Magnet is exceptionally strong, requiring a screw down handle. Use individually or in mutiples if your project requires. Bunting offers two Holdfast Magnets - one in Ceramic, one in Alnico. Any need, whether based on holding power or temperature - is easily, and efficiently met.
  • Ceramic Holdfast Magnets, Shallow
    Ceramic Holdfast Magnets, Shallow
    Ceramic Holding Assemblies provide a strong magnetic field. The Ceramic Magnet material possesses high coercive force and resists demagnetization from heat, vibration, and electrical fields. They are …