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Magnetic Sweeper Bars (XHDS)

Magnetic Sweeper Bars (XHDS) photo
Part # Pick Up Width Depth Specs Price Quantity
XHDS-36 36" 2 13/16" Download $515.00 Add
XHDS-48 48" 2 13/16" Download $721.00 Add
XHDS-60 60" 2 13/16" Download $927.00 Add
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Bunting® Permanent Magnetic Sweeper Bars are easy to mount, and easy to use. They clamp under forks for use with forklifts, or they can be suspended by eyebolts beneath pickups and other vehicles. Sweeper Bars are available in 36”, 48”, and 60” lengths in an extra-heavy-duty model (X model). For best results, Sweeper Bars should be suspended 2 to 4 inches above the floor or ground and vehicle speeds kept as low as practical for effective capture of ferrous parts and debris. To clean, just wipe objects off and away from the magnetic bar.

  • All Measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted)
  • Direction of Magnetization (DOM) is through the thickness unless noted
  • Unless otherwise specified, magnets will be furnished in magnetized condition
  • Holding forces are approximate. These are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. Size, shape, and material of the test piece may affect actual pull forces