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  • Round Electromagnets, Flat-Faced
    Round Electromagnets, Flat-Faced
    BuyMagnets.com Round electromagnets handle ferrous materials safely and securely. Electromagnets provide an efficient and economical solution for handling and holding parts. Available in a number of s…
  • Rectangular Electromagnets, Flat-Faced
    Rectangular Electromagnets, Flat-Faced
    BuyMagnets.com Rectangular flat faced electromagnets are ideal for maximum holding force on flat, smooth, dry, unpainted surfaces – where the entire face of the magnet comes in direct contact with t…

The BLP series Electromagnets feature a low profile height of 1/2” for the BLP1 series and 3/4” for the BLP2 series. Multiple pole design and large pole area create a shallow field depth with excellent pounds per square-inch ratings that enhance performance on thin material.

These can be used as a single unit for small work or in multiples on a spreader bar for larger workpieces. BLP series Electromagnets are able to lift one sheet at a time off a stack when used in conjunction with rectifier-controllers equipped with variable power.

Consult for technical recommendations.