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Sight Glass Magnets

Sight Glass Magnets photoSight Glass Magnets specs
Part # (A) Ring (C) Diameter (D) Handle (F) Length Specs Price Quantity
SGM1 1.75 .625 1.875 4.75 Download $74.00 Add
SGM2 2.50 .625 1.875 4.75 Download $74.00 Add
SGM3 1.75 1.00 1.875 6.25 Download $114.00 Add
SGM4 2.50 1.00 1.875 6.25 Download $114.00 Add
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Providing Superior Removal of Product Flow Contaminants

Sight Glass Magnets are designed for removal of fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contamination from material flows traveling to different processing machines. Offered in 4 sizes, they are equipped with rare earth magnet material to remove fine iron contaminants and reduce product wash-off. Magnets help prevent product defects, plugged valve gates, machine damage, and downtime.

  • All cartridges have a 1" diameter. 1/4" -20 Tap - Both Ends
  • All part numbers are 8" in height.
  • Standard units feature 1" diameter cartridge encased in 316 Stainless steel and mounted on 2" centers.
  • All Measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted)
  • Direction of Magnetization (DOM) is through the thickness unless noted
  • Unless otherwise specified, magnets will be furnished in magnetized condition
  • Holding forces are approximate. These are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. Size, shape, and material of the test piece may affect actual pull forces