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Magnetic Sweepers

  • Magnetic Push Sweeper (PS)
    Magnetic Push Sweeper (PS)
    The Bunting® Magnetic Push Sweeper is a heavy duty labor-saving solution to the problem of keeping plant floors, parking areas, sidewalks and construction sites free of damaging ferrous debris. The p…
  • Magnetic Sweeper Bars (XHDS)
    Magnetic Sweeper Bars (XHDS)
    Bunting® Permanent Magnetic Sweeper Bars are easy to mount, and easy to use. They clamp under forks for use with forklifts, or they can be suspended by eyebolts beneath pickups and other vehicles. Sw…
  • Magnetic Push/Pull/Tow Sweeper
    Magnetic Push/Pull/Tow Sweeper
    Hitch rugged Bunting® Magnetic Push/Pull/Tow Sweepers to your forklifts, tractors, or maintenance vehicles to clear away ferrous parts and debris. They can also be manually pushed or pulled. The magn…

Bunting® Permanent Magnetic Sheet Fanners are a faster, safer alternative for handling stacks of sheet stock. Magnetic Sheet Fanners can put an end to manually prying apart oily, sticky, polished or prefinished ferrous sheets. Magnetic sheet fanners provide a constant, powerful magnetic force that automatically fans sheets apart – without the risk of electrical hazards. Inside their rugged, stainless steel housings, Bunting® Sheet Fanners use high-energy permanent magnets to separate stacks by inducing like polarities in adjacent sheets, causing magnetic repulsion between them. This repulsion fans the sheets apart. As fast as the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly moves up and is ready to be handled. Machine operators and robotic arms can reliably and safely remove one sheet at a time, eliminating the chance of “doubles” jamming or damaging your machinery. The distance between the top two sheets will average between 3/4” to 1 1/4”, depending on the magnetic strength of the Fanner and the size of the sheets. Fanners can be ganged to handle especially large or heavy-gauge sheets. Sheet Fanners are completely self-contained and come with both predrilled mounting holes for permanent installation and carrying handles for moving between workstations. They are available in two standard face widths and can be stacked one above the other or mounted side-by-side to accommodate a wide range of stack and sheet sizes.