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Classic Equine Equipment Makes Creative Use of BuyMagnets Door Stops

May 3, 2017


Classic Equine is an industry leader in horse stalls and stable equipment. Founded in 1991, they bring over 20 years of experience to profession. Located in Southern Missouri, known for its hills and horse farms, they are committed to promoting the safety and care of horses by providing quality stall systems, barn components, exercisers and accessories for horse owners.

Because they work closely with their customers and architects on each project, they need components that are not only manufactured to high quality standards but are also safe and reliable—and we’re proud to say that BuyMagnets.com provides some of those components.

For example, our Wall-Mounted Magnetic Door Stops are used by Classic Equine as “hold backs” in many areas of their equipment designs depending on the customer’s requirements and the specific conditions of the application.

These door stops are offered in multiple colors with holding forces ranging from 22.0 – 66.1 ft/lbs, and this makes them a versatile choice for this situation.

The door stop might be mounted to the face of a building or stall front to maintain the “open” position of an upper or full door.
As you can see the in the application photo below, the doors are designed to “stay together” if the lower section is opened, while also allowing the upper section to move independently if only that section of the door needs to be opened.


In the next photo, you can see separate magnetic doorstops being employed for the two sections of the door, one for the upper and another mounted to the dark brown strip running along the lower portion of the wall.


At BuyMagnets.com we are always impressed with the innovative uses that our customers make of our products, and we’re proud to see that kind of trust placed in our brand.

To have a closer look at these doorstops and similar components, just click here.

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