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Can a particular pole be identified?

Yes, the North or South Pole of a magnet can be marked if specified.

It is relatively simple to identify the poles of a magnet. First, the quickest method is to use another magnet that is already marked. The North pole of the marked magnet will be attracted to the South pole of the unmarked magnet. Second, it is possible to use an even number of magnets and pinch a string in the middle of the stack and dangle the magnets so they can freely rotate on the string.

The North pole of the magnets will settle pointing to the North. This result contradicts the common theory that opposites attract when discussing the rules of magnetism. However, the naming convention of the poles is a historical leftover from the time when the poles were called North-seeking or South-seeking poles. Finally, you can use a compass to identify the poles. The end of the needle that normally points North will be attracted to the South pole of the magnet.

We also stock a magnetic pole indicator device to quickly determine the magnets polarity (PD251). This magnetic pole tester provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication. Just press the push button to activate and the tester will indicate the appropriate magnetic pole via LED’s at once.”