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Ceramic Magnets


What are Ceramic Magnets?

Ceramic magnets are used in magnetic assemblies designed for lifting, holding, retrieving, and separating. They’re made of strontium carbonate, and iron oxide. They’re readily available, and less expensive than other magnets. They’re made using the pressing and sintering processes, and come in different grades. The most popular grades are 1, 5 and 8.

Ceramic is also known as Ferrite, and these magnets are known for their good balance of magnetic strength, resistance to demagnetization, and economy. They’re considered the most widely used magnet in today’s industry. Ferrite ceramic magnets are usually non-conductive ferromagnetic ceramic compounds derived from iron oxides such as hematite (Fe2O3) or magnetite (Fe3O4) as well as oxides of other metals.

Ceramic magnets are part of the permanent magnet family, which means they have a high coercive force and therefore hold their magnetic field well (under a proper application) after they are magnetized.

Attributes of Ceramic Magnets:

  • High intrinsic coercive force
  • Less expensive material than alnico and rare earth magnets
  • Lower service temperature than alnico magnets, greater than rare earth magnets
  • The most common grades of ceramic magnets are 1, 5, and 8 (on a scale of 1-8)
  • Ceramic magnets are limited to simple shapes because of their manufacturing process
  • It’s considered a relatively brittle magnet

What Types of Ceramic Magnets are Out There?

As you can imagine, ceramic magnets have come in several forms. These ferrite magnets have a wide variety of applications as well: Speaker Magnets, DC Motors, Sweepers, Magnetic Separators for ferrous materials, Automotive Sensors, MRI’s, Reed Switching, Hall Effect Devices, in Assemblies.

Here at buymagnets.com, we offer ceramic disc magnets, ceramic ring magnets, and ceramic block magnets. We also have a ceramic magnet with a hole. This ceramic magnet was formed this way so that it can be mounted wherever you would like it. It has exceptionally strong holding power.

Ceramic Magnets Grade 5 & 8:

Ceramic Grades 5 & 8 have become some of the most widely specified magnetic materials. Low cost, light weight, a relatively high energy product, and good resistance to demagnetization account for the widespread use of Ceramic magnets.

Ceramic Magnets Grade 1

This small magnetic is offered in a ring form, and can be used in the tightest spaces and applications. It’s great for motors, holding magnets and other devices.

Featured Ceramic Magnets: